[PROJECT] Forum Promocean Post Exchanges Guidelines

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[PROJECT] Forum Promocean Post Exchanges Guidelines

Post by Poser on Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:45 pm


Welcome to the Post Exchange Section! This thread will serve as your guide to exchanging posts with other members. Before reading all the contents in this topic, make sure you have read and understood the Post and Affiliate Exchanges Guidelines.


Think of the Post and Affiliate Exchanges Section as a Market. Your main goal will be to "trade" services with other members, in this case, POSTS. You'll want to go over the threads of the members who are willing to do exchanges as long as it meets their standards.  Limit your search to threads that contain the category that you believe you can contribute to (i.e. Gaming, Music, etc.). After finding the topic that suits you, click the link of the website, and check out if you can make exchanges with the member. Post a reply in the thread containing your offer and your forum link. Do not forget to check the conditions set!

It is advised that you will wait for the topic starter to reply if they will accept your offer. There may be cases wherein the topic starter will refuse your offer because they cannot contribute, or they are not comfortable with the contents of your forum. If the deal has been sealed, here are few points that you may want to consider:

  1. Post sensible contents in the forum. With this in mind, refrain from spamming the forum board. If you have quality contents posted, many other members will want to trade posts with you.
  2. Separate your posts reasonably. Quality and sensible contents in posts will take you time to think and construct it. Posting after every second in the forum just to fulfill the deal defeats the main objective of the agreement.
  3. Vary your posts on board. It is not good to see that your post exchanges happened only on one category of the forum board. If the forum board contains 5 categories, do your best to contribute quality posts on the different categories. Not unless the topic starter indicated that you'll only contribute to a specific category.
  4. Leave a feedback on the topic starter's thread about how the service went for you.


You will also want to create your own thread for your exchange services that you will offer. When members see your thread with a lot of replies, and these contain positive feedback, this will give way in boosting your forum activity and growth! Also, this will give the members a good impression of you who is very good at fulfilling deals.

Each member is entitled with only one thread for post exchanges. When creating your own exchange thread, make it sure that you follow the template. Be very clear with your exchanges and conditions. If you have new conditions set, simply update your first post. If members have already posted in your thread showing their interest in having post exchanges, immediately check their forum sites and reply if you have a good deal with them. If you refuse a deal, make it sure to give a clear reason about it.

When fulfilling deals, remember to always follow with it. One bad deal may stain your forum's reputation, and you will not want that to happen!

Finally, keep you thread updated at all times. Make sure you let interested members know what's going on. If you are unavailable on a certain period of time, post on your thread about it so that members will be informed and will temporarily suspend posting about exchange offers. If you have encountered a member who has not replied to your offer for a long period of time (to quantify, it could be 3 weeks or longer), do not hesitate to PM any staff member about it and they will handle the issue.
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