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[PROJECT] Review Guides

Post by Poser on Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:34 pm

Here are the generic criteria we are using for all reviews:
Image First Impressions: This is where you simply talk about what your first impression of the site was. Were you attracted to it? Was it smooth on the eyes? Was it too dark/bright? Did it seem easy to navigate at a first glance? Did the banner stand out? Were you surprised by anything? Were you disappointed by anything? This criteria should be only for statements with no evidence backing anything. Anything you mention here can be brought up in the more specific categories where opinions/evidence may be discussed.
Image Site Structure: This is where the structure of the site should be discussed. Not the layout, but structure. Did the owner structure the site in a logical manner? Are there things out of whack? Did the forum descriptions make sense or were they too short? Should the links on top be setup differently? Are there broken links or anything that isn't working? Just basically think about how you would structure a site and critique it from that perspective.
Image Design Quality: This is where the site design is discussed. Is the style modern looking? Is it broken somewhere? Is it too dark/bright? Is it easy on the eyes? Is it appealing to members that like dark/light sites? Do they have multiple themes? Is the logo/banner of good quality? Do they have custom forum icons/custom ranks/custom anything? Here is the place to talk about the overall design quality of their theme, banner, and site in general.
Image Originality: This is where you discuss how original the niche of the forum actually is. This part sometimes gets us mixed reviews from people because it's a harsh category. A lot of people just copy other sites and are not thst creative. Some things to take into consideration though are: did they copy another forum? or is the niche the same but the content/services are unique and pretty cool? Are there a million of these forums out there? Has the user really tried to be creative even though there is another site similar? If you have to be harsh here, then be harsh.
Image Spelling, Grammar & Professionalism: Here we just take an overall look at the spelling and grammar on the forum descriptions, their rules/guidelines, and just general posts the staff and admins make. Professionalism is just a quick measure of how professional their rules are, if they post professionally or sound like they're very young and not matured. Tips here are always welcomed and appreciated by the users.

These are the forum/website/blog specific criteria:
Image Number of Posts & Members: When reviewing a forum, this is always a key consideration and this is why the criteria was added. How is the member count to post count ratio? Are there some users with over a high percentage of posts compared to everyone else? Are they lacking posts for the amount of users they have? Are they lacking members for the amount of posts they have? Are they just severely lacking members/posts? What tips can you give them for increasing post/member count?
Image Activity Level: This is where we look at how many posts a day they get, when the last posts actually were, have they been lacking posts in certain categories for days/weeks/months/years? Also, we can look at how their activity levels are growing and give tips on how to promote user activity.
Image Website Usability: This is for generic websites and blogs only. Here we look at how efficient their website actually is. How is the usability? Is it easy to navigate? What tips can we give them to increase the overall usability of the site. If something is broken, out of place, and for a generic website just looks off. This is where it goes.
Image Number of Blog Posts & Activity: This is where we look at how many blog posts they have and to see how active their comments section is. It is really important to look at their blog posts and see if for the niche they have, the blog post count is sufficient.
Image Business Sensibility This is where we look at the business sensibility of their site. This is used for websites only. Here we should discuss what business aspects potentialities the site may have. Should they add more ads, how are they planning to develop a business model to create a revenue stream, are they doing everything in their power to achieve a good ALEXA rating, or submitting their sites to the correct platforms, etc. This section is all about BUSINESS.
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