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[REVIEW] Overflow Forums

Hello! Here is a #Simple_Review for your forum. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding the quality of this review by posting on this thread. You may also send me a PM if you choose to keep it for the two of us. #Overflow_Forums #Poser_Review

Official Forum Review

Overflow Forums

First Impressions

General Forum Appearance

Forum Activity

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  • Upon visiting your forum for the first time, I was captivated by the simplicity and sleekness of it. Everything is easy to the eyes, so any newcomers will be invited to drop by and register. As a newly-established forum, you may attract more members if you add a little innovation to your forum banner as this is the first thing a member sees. Other than that, everything works! You have a very professional-looking set of icons, which I consider as lovely and inviting. As for your forum activity, it is considerable that you have the current state of activity for you have a new board. You have recent posts and visits from members, but few drop a post or two. However, I commend the quality of your members' posts, as they are well-thought and sensible. To expand your community and activity, affiliating with other active chatting boards would be a good option to consider. You also have a considerable number of staff members, as well as the groups which are mainly for the staff. There is a good indication that you have a dedicated staff because they are all active and that they engage with other members in posting as well. I see no bridges between your staff and the members, as they freely talk with one another, which makes them professional. A discussion genre has been a common one in the digital world, so it will be a challenge for you to be positively different among the other rising chatting boards. The use of toggling the widgets on and off is one intelligent feature installed on your board. Next, I'd say you have a very organized forum, so keep up the good job. Lastly, there were few grammatical and spelling errors that I believe you have just overlooked in your forum descriptions. In your Personal Life and Wellness, it should be whether instead of "wether." In Television and Movie, I suggest that your first sentence be Let's talk about TV and movies, as it sounds a bit off if the word about is absent.

Forum Strengths

  • Forum Appearance
  • Graphics
  • Professionalism of the Staff

Forum Weakness

  • Forum Activity

Average Review Score:
9.71 / 10

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by Poser
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